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Community projects related to Conductor

Client SDKs

Further, all of the (non-Java) SDKs have a new GitHub home: the Conductor SDK repository is your new source for Conductor SDKs:

All contributions on the above client sdks can be made on Conductor SDK repository.

Microservices operations

  • - Schellar is a scheduler tool for instantiating Conductor workflows from time to time, mostly like a cron job, but with transport of input/output variables between calls.

  • - Backtor is a backup scheduler tool that uses Conductor workers to handle backup operations and decide when to expire backups (ex.: keep backup 3 days, 2 weeks, 2 months, 1 semester)

  • - Conductor CLI for launching workflows, polling tasks, listing running tasks etc

Conductor deployment

  • - Docker container for running Conductor with Prometheus metrics plugin installed and some tweaks to ease provisioning of workflows from json files embedded to the container

  • - Docker container for running Conductor UI so that you can easily scale UI independently

  • - "Elasticsearch to Bleve" bridge tailored for running Conductor on top of Bleve indexer. The footprint of Elasticsearch may cost too much for small deployments on Cloud environment.

  • - Conductor plugin for exposing Prometheus metrics over path '/metrics'

OAuth2.0 Security Configuration

Forked Repository - Conductor (Secure)

OAuth2.0 Role Based Security! - Spring Security with easy configuration to secure the Conductor server APIs.

Docker image published to Docker Hub

Conductor Worker utilities

  • - Conductor Golang client for writing Workers in Golang

  • - Conductor DOTNET client for writing Workers in DOTNET

  • - Serilog sink for sending worker log events to Conductor

  • - Various ready made Conductor workers for common operations on some platforms (ex.: Jira, Github, Concourse)

Conductor Web UI

  • - Angular based - Conductor Workflow Management UI

Conductor Persistence

Mongo Persistence

  • - With option to use Mongo Database as persistence unit.
  • Mongo Persistence / Option to use Mongo Database as persistence unit.
  • Docker Compose example with MongoDB Container.

Oracle Persistence

  • - With option to use Oracle Database as persistence unit.
  • Oracle Persistence / Option to use Oracle Database as persistence unit : version > 12.2 - Tested well with 19C
  • Docker Compose example with Oracle Container.

Schedule Conductor Workflow

  • - It solves the following problem statements:
    • At times there are use cases in which we need to run some tasks/jobs only at a scheduled time.
    • In microservice architecture maintaining schedulers in various microservices is a pain.
    • We should have a central dedicate service that can do scheduling for us and provide a trigger to a microservices at expected time.
  • It offers an additional module io.github.jas34.scheduledwf.config.ScheduledWfServerModule built on the existing core of conductor and does not require deployment of any additional service. For more details refer: Schedule Conductor Workflows and Capability In Conductor To Schedule Workflows