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By default conductor runs with an in-memory Redis mock. However, you can change the configuration by setting the properties conductor.db.type and conductor.redis.hosts.


Value Description
dynomite Dynomite Cluster. Dynomite is a proxy layer that provides sharding and replication.
memory Uses an in-memory Redis mock. Should be used only for development and testing purposes.
redis_cluster Redis Cluster configuration.
redis_sentinel Redis Sentinel configuration.
redis_standalone Redis Standalone configuration.


Expected format is host:port:rack separated by semicolon, e.g.:


Auth Support

Password authentication is supported. The password should be set as the 4th param of the first host host:port:rack:password, e.g.:



  • In a cluster, all nodes use the same password.
  • In a sentinel configuration, sentinels and redis nodes use the same password.