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Azure Blob Storage

The AzureBlob storage module uses azure blob to store and retrieve workflows/tasks input/output payload that went over the thresholds defined in properties named conductor.[workflow|task].[input|output].payload.threshold.kb.

Warning Azure Java SDK use libs already present inside conductor like jackson and netty. You may encounter deprecated issues, or conflicts and need to adapt the code if the module is not maintained along with conductor. It has only been tested with v12.2.0.




You can use Azurite to simulate an Azure Storage.


  • When using es5 persistence you will receive an java.lang.IllegalStateException because the Netty lib will call setAvailableProcessors two times. To resolve this issue you need to set the following system property

If you want to change the default HTTP client of azure sdk, you can use okhttp instead of netty. For that you need to add the following dependency.${compatible version}