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Start Workflow


The START_WORKFLOW task starts another workflow. Unlike SUB_WORKFLOW, START_WORKFLOW does not create a relationship between starter and the started workflow. It also does not wait for the started workflow to complete. A START_WORKFLOW is considered successful once the requested workflow is started successfully. In other words, START_WORKFLOW is marked as COMPLETED once the started workflow is in RUNNING state.

There is no ability to access the output of the started workflow.

Use Cases

When another workflow needs to be started from the current workflow, START_WORKFLOW can be used.


The workflow invocation payload is passed into startWorkflow under inputParameters.


name type description
startWorkflow Map[String, Any] The value of this parameter is Start Workflow Request.


name type description
workflowId String The id of the started workflow

Note: START_WORKFLOW will neither wait for the completion of, nor pass back the output of the spawned workflow.