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Human Task

"type" : "HUMAN"

The HUMAN task is used when the workflow needs to be paused for an external signal to continue. It acts as a gate that remains in the IN_PROGRESS state until marked as COMPLETED or FAILED by an external trigger.

Use Cases

The HUMAN is can be used when the workflow needs to pause and wait for human intervention, such as manual approval. It can also be used with an event coming from external source such as Kafka, SQS or Conductor's internal queueing mechanism.


No parameters are required


Task Update API

To conclude a HUMAN task, the POST {{ api_prefix }}/tasks API can be used.

You'll need to provide thetaskId, the task status (generally COMPLETED or FAILED), and the desired task output.

Event Handler

If SQS integration is enabled, the HUMAN task can also be resolved using the {{ api_prefix }}/queue API.

You'll need the workflowId and taskRefName or taskId.

  1. POST {{ api_prefix }}/queue/update/{workflowId}/{taskRefName}/{status}
  2. POST {{ api_prefix }}/queue/update/{workflowId}/task/{taskId}/{status}

An event handler using the complete_task action can also be configured.

Any parameter that is sent in the body of the POST message will be repeated as the output of the task. For example, if we send a COMPLETED message as follows:

curl -X "POST" "{{ server_host }}{{ api_prefix }}/queue/update/{workflowId}/waiting_around_ref/COMPLETED" -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -d '{"data_key":"somedatatoWait1","data_key2":"somedatatoWAit2"}'

The output of the task will be: