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Client Metrics

When using the Java client, the following metrics are published:

Name Purpose Tags
task_execution_queue_full Counter to record execution queue has saturated taskType
task_poll_error Client error when polling for a task queue taskType, includeRetries, status
task_paused Counter for number of times the task has been polled, when the worker has been paused taskType
task_execute_error Execution error taskType
task_ack_failed Task ack failed taskType
task_ack_error Task ack has encountered an exception taskType
task_update_error Task status cannot be updated back to server taskType
task_poll_counter Incremented each time polling is done taskType
task_poll_time Time to poll for a batch of tasks taskType
task_execute_time Time to execute a task taskType
task_result_size Records output payload size of a task taskType
workflow_input_size Records input payload size of a workflow workflowType, workflowVersion
external_payload_used Incremented each time external payload storage is used name, operation, payloadType

Metrics on client side supplements the one collected from server in identifying the network as well as client side issues.