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Debugging Workflows

Conductor UI is a tool that we can leverage for debugging issues. Refer to the following articles to search and view your workflow execution.

  1. Searching Workflows
  2. View Workflow Executions

Debugging Executions

Open the Tasks > Diagram tab to see the diagram of the overall workflow execution

If there is a failure, you will them on the view marked as red. In most cases it should be clear what went wrong from the view itself. To see details of the failure, you can click on the failed task.

The following fields are useful in debugging

Field Name Description
Task Detail > Summary > Reason for Incompletion If an exception was thrown by the worker, it will be captured and displayed here
Task Detail > Summary > Worker The worker instance id where this failure last occurred. Useful to dig for detailed logs if not already captured by Conductor
Task Detail > Input Verify if the task inputs were computed and provided correctly to the task
Task Detail > Output If output of a previous task is used as an input to your next task, refer here for what was produced
Task Detail > Logs If your task is supplying logs, we can look at that here
Task Detail > Retried Task - Select an instance If your task was retried, we can see all the attempts and correponding details here

Note: We can also access the task list from Tasks > Task List tab.

Here is a screen grab of the fields referred above.

Debugging Wowkflow Execution

Recovering From Failures

Once we have resolved the underlying issue of workflow execution failure, we might want to replay or retry failed workflows. The UI has functions that would allow us to do this:

The Actions button provides the following options:

Action Name Description
Restart with Current Definitions Restart this workflow from the beginning using the same version of the workflow definition that originally ran this workflow execution. This is useful if the workflow definition has changed and we want to retain this instance to the original version
Restart with Latest Definitions Restart this workflow from the beginning using the latest definition of the workflow. If we made changes to definition, we can use this option to re-run this flow with the latest version
Retry - From failed task Retry this workflow from the failed task

Note: Conductor configurations allow your tasks to be retried automatically for transient failures. Refer to the task configuration options on how to leverage this.