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Workflow API

Retrieve Workflows

Endpoint Description
GET {{ api_prefix }}/workflow/{workflowId}?includeTasks=true | false Get Workflow State by workflow Id. If includeTasks is set, then also includes all the tasks executed and scheduled.
GET {{ api_prefix }}/workflow/running/{name} Get all the running workflows of a given type
GET {{ api_prefix }}/workflow/running/{name}/correlated/{correlationId}?includeClosed=true | false&includeTasks=true |false Get all the running workflows filtered by correlation Id. If includeClosed is set, also includes workflows that have completed running.
GET {{ api_prefix }}/workflow/search Search for workflows. See Below.

Conductor uses Elasticsearch for indexing workflow execution and is used by search APIs.

GET {{ api_prefix }}/workflow/search?start=&size=&sort=&freeText=&query=

Parameter Description
start Page number. Defaults to 0
size Number of results to return
sort Sorting. Format is: ASC:<fieldname> or DESC:<fieldname> to sort in ascending or descending order by a field
freeText Elasticsearch supported query. e.g. workflowType:"name_of_workflow"
query SQL like where clause. e.g. workflowType = 'name_of_workflow'. Optional if freeText is provided.


Search result as described below:

  "totalHits": 0,
  "results": [
      "workflowType": "string",
      "version": 0,
      "workflowId": "string",
      "correlationId": "string",
      "startTime": "string",
      "updateTime": "string",
      "endTime": "string",
      "status": "RUNNING",
      "input": "string",
      "output": "string",
      "reasonForIncompletion": "string",
      "executionTime": 0,
      "event": "string"

Manage Workflows

Endpoint Description
PUT {{ api_prefix }}/workflow/{workflowId}/pause Pause. No further tasks will be scheduled until resumed. Currently running tasks are not paused.
PUT {{ api_prefix }}/workflow/{workflowId}/resume Resume normal operations after a pause.
POST {{ api_prefix }}/workflow/{workflowId}/rerun See Below.
POST {{ api_prefix }}/workflow/{workflowId}/restart Restart workflow execution from the start. Current execution history is wiped out.
POST {{ api_prefix }}/workflow/{workflowId}/retry Retry the last failed task.
PUT {{ api_prefix }}/workflow/{workflowId}/skiptask/{taskReferenceName} See below.
DELETE {{ api_prefix }}/workflow/{workflowId} Terminates the running workflow.
DELETE {{ api_prefix }}/workflow/{workflowId}/remove Deletes the workflow from system. Use with caution.


Re-runs a completed workflow from a specific task.

POST {{ api_prefix }}/workflow/{workflowId}/rerun

  "reRunFromWorkflowId": "string",
  "workflowInput": {},
  "reRunFromTaskId": "string",
  "taskInput": {}

Skip Task

Skips a task execution (specified as taskReferenceName parameter) in a running workflow and continues forward. Optionally updating task's input and output as specified in the payload. PUT {{ api_prefix }}/workflow/{workflowId}/skiptask/{taskReferenceName}?workflowId=&taskReferenceName=

  "taskInput": {},
  "taskOutput": {}